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TDI Windstorm

The Gulf can be a pleasant and relaxing place to live, however extra precautions are required due to the potential of high winds from Tropical Storms and Hurricanes.

Windows, Siding, Roofing, Patios and many other elements of structures must follow strict code when building and remodeling. The purpose is of course to protect your family and property in case of severe weather.

With our engineering staff along the Gulf Coast, education and training qualifies myself and my property inspectors to inspect and certify when projects are done to code and to specific Texas Department of Insurance specifications. There are many things to inspect in order to ensure proper wind code: the length, gauge and spacing of fasteners, correct use of storm windows, properly nailed roofing shingles.

Many insurance companies and jurisdictions located in the Designated Catastrophe Areas (shown above) require certification of both remodels and new construction. With more than 10,000 TDI certificates of compliance on file (WPI-8), JDSI has the experience and knowledge to handle your TDI certification needs. Many clients are unaware of the certification requirements and are troubled to learn their property cannot be sold or insured due to failure to engage in the TDI process. Does your project requirement certification? Call us to find out 281-852-3647.

Is the product you plan to install approved in the Designated Catastrophe Area? Find out more about specific products by using the TDI Product Spec Search site. Remember, TDI approved products not approved in all areas of the Catastrophe Zone. Product characteristics such design pressure and impact resistance, can make an approved product invalid in the higher wind zones.

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